Hi-Way Services Partnering with Changing Minds Kent

Posted 15th January 2021

If there’s one thing we’re all guilty of, whether it’s as a company or as individuals, it’s neglecting our mental health. Now more than ever, it’s vital that we take as much care of our mental wellbeing as we do of our hand washing and mask-wearing habits. Even after COVID is long gone, mental health struggles will still remain and it is vital that we as a business take this responsibility seriously.

At Hi-Way Services, we’re excited to be partnering and collaborating with Changing Minds in order to deliver the best possible help and support to our team.


Who Are Changing Minds?   

Changing Minds are a non-profit community interest company that specialises in a hands-on approach to mental health and well-being initiatives. By working alongside their clients, they are able to transform the way companies or organisations think about mental health, creating a new atmosphere and ethos from the ground up.

The faces behind Changing Minds have over 20 years of experience in the field of mental health and wellbeing, meaning that their clients are guaranteed to be in safe hands and advised by a group of experts.

Additionally, by being a non-profit community interest company, 100% of the money made from any of the courses or services gets fed back directly into Changing Minds and the services they provide, as well as social projects.

What Services do Changing Minds Offer?

Changing Minds offer a broad range of services, including:

  • Adult Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Consultation support service
  • Behaviour change and Resilience support

The training schemes aim to provide managers with the tools they need to recognise mental health struggles in the workplace, whereas support services and mental health hubs exist to provide one on one or group support for staff members and individuals.

At its core, however, the services at Changing Minds tackle the stigma surrounding both mental illness and mental health struggles at work through the power of education. By putting the individual’s needs at the heart of everything they do, they are able to create real and positive change.

Collaboration with                   

At Hi-Way Services, we decided to work alongside the experts at Changing Minds in order to restructure our mental health policies and train up our staff in mental health first aid in order to ensure that our employees are getting the best possible support they can.

Through Changing Minds, our employees and managers will not only have the educational tools they need to deal with any mental health problems that may arise, but also all of the benefits that Changing Minds themselves provide, including their flagship service, personalised psychology coaching – identifying what is most important to you in your personal and professional life and bringing it to the forefront in order to show your true potential.

Other local businesses, such as Miles & Barr, have already benefited from their services and praised them for their excellent work. According to the Director of People Operations at Miles & Barr,


“CMK, and more specifically James, Tom and Colin over the past 12 months, have offered so much guidance and support to our business, this has included presenting at a company wide event, delivering Mental Health First Aid courses to over 40 of our staff and working with me to design and deliver our first ever Employee Assistance Program. The feedback from all of these events and activities has been amazing and has had such a positive impact on our overall Employee Engagement measures.” 


We couldn’t be happier for our journey with Changing Minds to begin and are very excited about the benefits we are sure we will see within the company and those who work here.


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