Kent Cancer Trust 2020

Posted 6th March 2020

There could be few better ways for us to start the decade than meeting Stuart Minty from Kent Cancer Trust. Supporting vital medical research across the county, Kent Cancer Trust provides funding to enable patient-centered work, delivered by expert researchers and clinicians. Partnering with facilities such as the University of Kent, their MSc program also provides funding for new scientists.


The past year for Kent Cancer Trust was a busy one, and 2020 promises to be no different. As well as a slate of new projects and events, they have been working with the University of Kent to develop new NHS treatment pathway for patients with throat cancer, who are fitted with a voice prosthesis.


Before this work was completed, patients found that a voice prosthesis would need to be changed as often as two or three weeks because of fungal growth. They can now expect their voice prothesis to stay fungus free and fully functional for far longer, reducing the need for invasive surgery and improving their quality of life.


According to Stuart, some of the best results are achieved when clinicians & bio-scientists work together, and focus on ways of improving both the care and treatment of patients. KTC projects usually involve postgraduates working under the supervision of senior university scientists, combining experience with fresh ideas and innovative thinking.


Supporting KCT has been an incredible insight to where the money has been used, and it’s encouraging to see how far the trust has come. All the money they’ve raised has been spent carefully throughout Kent, contributing to projects that show potential in improving patient care for everyone – and helping to train scientists who’ll be solving problems for decades to come.


To learn more about these projects and what Kent Cancer Trust do, please visit their website at

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