Merry Christmas to Royal Harbour Academy

Posted 21st December 2020

Christmas is the season of giving. At Hi-Way Services, we do our best to prioritise local projects and causes so that we can rest assured our resources are contributing to the very communities we work in and provide services for. We want to be sure that we can and will make a tangible difference. One such cause that is very close to our hearts at Hi-Way Services is the Royal Harbour Academy School in Ramsgate, Kent.


What is Royal Harbour Academy?

Royal Harbour Academy is no ordinary school. It is a place to support and encourage children and families to ensure they have the best quality of life and the same chances to succeed as any other children.

Their care and support can be divided up into two separate initiates. The first being improvement of literacy ages for the pupils and students that study with them. The second initiative involves pastoral care – an under-appreciated, but vital aspect of the students’ wellbeing.

During term time, Royal Harbour Academy ensures that all its students are receiving more than just an academic education; the school is there to see to their wellbeing, even after they leave the school gates. The pastoral care initiative ensures that every one of the premium pupils receives everything they need that they might not otherwise be able to afford.

The school has over 900 students and over 500 of these pupil premium qualify for the free school meals scheme. As it stands this doesn’t continue during holiday time, so the schools are doing this to ensure their students have the opportunity to maintain their well being when they are not at school.


How Has Hi-Way Services Been Involved?

Despite the incredible support that is given to it’s pupils, Royal Harbour has a large number who qualify for free school meals. These packages ensure the well being of premium pupils and their families by providing basic hygiene and food packages.

In order to make sure none of their students are forced to spend their Christmases without basic human needs, the school has been accepting donations in order to create care packages full of these essentials that will make the festive season much easier and that much more enjoyable. After all, packages include chicken, fresh fruit, vegetables, some festive treats and toiletries.


Hi-Way Services has a long and friendly history with the school and we’re more than happy to make a donation to this cause. In fact, our Managing Director, Andy, has made numerous visits to the school in order to spend time with, educate and interact with the students. He offers business advice, mentoring and more and has become one of the school’s favourite guests.

Some of Royal Harbour’s ex-students have even come to work with us at Hi-Way Services after graduating, so this cause is very close to our hearts. Each and every student has the potential to do something unique and incredible and it is projects such as these that ensure they are given a fair chance.

According to the school, the response from local businesses has been positive so far, that they will have more than enough funds to provide a full two week’s worth of resources and care for their premium pupils. In fact, the more donations they receive, the better Christmas the pupils are bound to have.

Care package drop-off will begin right at the end of term, starting straight away on the 23rd of December, continuing into the new year. We wish everyone at Royal Harbour Academy, both the staff and the students, a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


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