Playground Markings for Hoath Primary School

Posted 4th May 2022


As a road marking company, we understand that playground markings are not just for a vibrant and comfortable feel but can leave an impact on the quality of enjoyment. With many benefits surrounding playground markings, it can have a huge influence on the pupils such as, extending their learning outside the classroom, initiate imaginative play and helps develop their social skills, just to name a few. When a member of the PTA team from Hoath Primary School reached out, we knew this was an opportunity we couldn’t miss.

Hoath Primary is a small school of 97 pupils. It’s a hard-working and friendly school located in a little village in Canterbury. Hoath Primary is a school where pupils thrive in the stimulating and nurturing school environment but due to size, the local school struggles with funding against the much bigger schools. The PTA provides for the school with fundraising and donations for the children. Hearing about the local school, we wanted to do better than just a low value quote, but support and help extend their school vision.

Contracts Manager Danny O’Reilly met with the Head Teacher and PTA member to discuss their requirements on site, from this we opted to donate our services for free. After speaking to Hitex International and making them aware of the project they also opted to support the school by supplying us with the pre-formed materials for free – a big thank you to Peter at Hitex.

The works were completed in 1 day and we installed, 2x Hopscotch, 1x Snakes & Ladders 1x Obstacle Course and refreshed the court lines.


Playground Markings - Hopscotch     Playground Markings - Obstacle Course    


This has been a positive experience for all, with the Head of School, A. Sanders commenting,

“We are delighted with our new playground markings and games. The children were so excited to see the new snakes and ladders and obstacle course set out on the playground and the footballers loved the fact they could now see the markings on the playground after they were re-covered. The quality of the markings and the bright colours really adds to the playground and makes it so much more inviting for the children. The hopscotch games are very popular and the enjoyment on the children’s faces as they play the new games was so rewarding to see. I have to say that everyone from Hi-Way services were so helpful and friendly and made the whole process extremely easy. The people who came to do the playground markings were very friendly and went out of their way to be helpful and to suggest the best places for the markings etc. The whole experience working with Hi-Way Services has been very positive and I would highly recommend any school, club etc. that are thinking about improving their playgrounds or spaces to contact Hi-Way services for a quote”.  






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