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High Friction and Anti Skid Surfacing

High friction surfacing (HFS) is undoubtedly one of the most effective tools to improve road safety. Deployed in accident blackspots and other areas which are…

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Car Park and Line Markings

Car parks may seem simple, but they serve a number of different purposes. They need to be functional, but also laid out in such a…

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Road and Motorway Studs

Colloquially known as ‘cat’s eyes’, road studs are the small markers found on roads across the country. These can be reflective, non-reflective or even solar…

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Road and Line Marking Services

Road markings are our stock and trade here at Hi-Way Services, and the foundation of everything we do. The quality, precision and efficiency of our…

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Specialist Areas in Road Markings

Road markings may seem straightforward, but there are actually a whole host of ways in which they can be used. As well as the huge…

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