Social Value: Bolnore Village Primary School

Posted 29th April 2024

Working alongside Balfour Beatty Living Places and West Sussex Highways, we had the opportunity to visit Bolnore Village Primary School in response to their concerns about the faded road markings outside the school premises. Recognizing the critical role clear markings play, especially in high-traffic areas like schools, we understood the importance of ensuring peoples safety. That’s why, in our commitment to the community, we undertook this work free of charge.

Maintaining line markings is vital to uphold driving standards and prevent potential hazards. By addressing this issue, we aimed to contribute to the safety of both the children and the broader community. Clear markings not only encourage responsible driving but also provides pedestrians with essential guidance for navigating the roads safely.

Here’s some before and after photos of the project. Well done and thank you to everyone involved for their efforts; the results speak for themselves!







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