Social Value: Helping a Member of the Public

Posted 3rd January 2024

Helping a Member of the Public with a Flat Tyre


Just before Christmas we received an email from a member of the public, about a small incident that had happened. Whilst driving down a country lane, she had hit a pothole that caused a flat tyre. She tried to fix it herself but had difficulty getting the nuts off and jacking the car up. Fortunately, a couple members of our team were driving past when they spotted her. They immediately stopped and offered their help.

Our two guys, Ricky & Luke, collectively worked to replace the wheel and get her back on the road. She was so thankful for their help that she emailed us to express her gratitude.

Our staff did a great job in coming to her aid and are a great example of the company values and commitment to providing excellent service. Thank you!

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