Social Value: Wick Dynamos FC Car Park Markings

Posted 22nd January 2024

Wick Dynamos Junior Football Club Car Park Markings


Car parks are simple and serve a purpose. They help make the right first impression, improving the functionality and creating a smoother flow for traffic. Our team at Hi-Way Services know that the upkeep of a car park isn’t always a priority. That’s why, in an act of community support, we have offered a refresh of the car park markings for the local club, Wick Dynamos Junior Football Club in West Sussex free of charge. The inclusive club for ages 4 -18 had reached out and we took this as a time to give back.

Understanding the challenges faced by community clubs, we wanted to lend a helping hand and line the car park ensuring the training facility stays in top-notch condition. We know, first-hand the importance a freshly marked car park can give.

We’ve been able to transform the car park, creating more spaces and enhancing the safety, bringing ease to the parents who drop off and collect their children on training days.

The collaboration goes beyond just marking lines; it exemplifies the power of local business coming together to support community organisations, fostering a safer and more enjoyable environment for the young football enthusiasts of Wick Dynamos Junior Football Club.



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