Will The Use of Social Distancing Markers Be the Future?

Posted 1st July 2020

The last few months have transformed our daily lives more than any of us thought possible. Our work schedules, our range of travel and movement, and especially our ability to be close to others have all drastically changed. As well as regular, thorough hand washing and not touching your face, the government advice throughout the pandemic has been that social distancing is the most effective method of preventing the spread of coronavirus.

While it may be easy to keep a suitable distance in areas where there pedestrian traffic is fairly low, it is easy to get lax about social distancing measures in places that are naturally more crowded, but are still necessary for day-to-day life. That’s where social distancing markers and kits come into play.

For many businesses, this has meant becoming “social distance proof”, and creating a space that protects staff and customers if they are physically unable to work from home. Hi-Way Services are pleased to be offering our own social distancing markers, designed to help supermarkets, schools and other public places adhere to the regulations and guidelines. Our social distancing kit can even be removed easily once it is safe to do so, and with no lasting damage.


What Are Social Distancing Markers For?

Current advice allows for groups of up to six people to meet in an outdoor space, providing that they maintain a social distance of one meter. Essential trips would be considered things like food shopping or seeking medical attention. While these measures have been relaxed slightly, social distancing is certainly not going anywhere anytime soon.

As anyone who has visited a supermarket in the last few months may have noticed, those essential trips for groceries don’t look anything like they used to, namely due to social distancing markers.

These markers come in all sorts of forms for all sorts of purposes. Firstly, adhesive one meter lines can be stuck to the floor to divide pedestrian traffic at places such as tills or entrances to shops. Other stickers or markers include reminders for maintaining social distance, and these can be placed around the premises to ensure people stay mindful as they move around freely. Thirdly, non-entrance signs and one-way stickers can be placed in spaces such as narrow supermarket aisles to encourage one or two customers at a time to pass through. These can take the form of no-entry stickers stuck to the floor, as well as adhesive arrows to dictate the flow of people in a specific area.


Where Are Social Distancing Markers Being Used?

Social distancing is still a requirement everywhere, even in your own back garden. Therefore, in order to make the customer and staff experience as safe and as efficient as possible, it’s likely that you will see social distancing markers in place at most shops throughout the country.

However, it is not just essential shops that are having to adjust to these new measures. As lockdown eases, industries such as bars and pubs are trading again under the guidelines that they can keep their customers and staff safe through social distancing. Markers will be a key method in enforcing this, particularly in cramped indoor areas such as corridors.

However, one of the most essential places for social distancing markers as of late is in schools. Children, especially young children, may not be able to understand social distancing rules as easily as adults, or why they are so vital. More importantly, they might not even be aware of what a two metre distance looks like, making physical markers in places like lunch halls and playgrounds essential to their safety.


Even as the lockdown is slowly eased, it is clear that social distancing isn’t going anywhere. Regardless of whether we see a slow but steady end to lockdown, or we’re preparing for the possibility of a second wave, the one meter rule will be a reality for the majority of us until a vaccine is found.

Social distancing may be a challenging transition for some, but as least with these visual aids, it can hopefully be implemented that much easier.


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