Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Road Markings

Methyl methacrylate (MMA) road markings are the hardest wearing of the road markings that we offer. Using a combination of resin and powder peroxide, these markings are most commonly deployed in high traffic areas, and are renowned for their unique durability and reflective qualities.

With more than 30 years’ experience in road markings, Hi-Way Services are ideally positioned to carry out your MMA road marking project. We’ve supplied MMA road markings for a range of clients, including local authorities across the South of England.

MMA road markings are among the most varied jobs we work on, with an enormous range of different applications and locations. Our MMA road markings can be supplied in a variety of colours, allowing them to be used for decorative as well as functional purposes.

MMA road markings are usually hand applied through a process known as screeding, although they can also be applied using special machinery on a larger scale. As a result of this manual application, MMA markings are usually applied in specific locations, rather than across long distances.


As well as being harder wearing than other road markings, MMA markings also offer much higher retroreflectivity than thermoplastic markings. MMA not only provides greater visibility, but can also be augmented with a glass bead coating to ensure that they stand out under headlights. While MMA markings can be safely applied to bitumen, they adhere particularly well to concrete.

MMA road markings are most commonly used to mark areas which receive a high volume of traffic, including roundabouts, freight yards, warehouses, distribution centres and port authority docks. On average they offer twice the lifespan of thermoplastic markings, which on a roundabout or similar location can be worn down in as little as six months.

MMA markings are often used in smaller quantities alongside thermoplastic and other road markings, in order to make important details stand out, or for specific areas which receive a higher volume of traffic. Our range of services and skill sets allows us to provide multiple services within a single project, including road markings, studs and marking removal.

MMA road markings are an ideal choice where the lifespan and integrity of the markings is critical, and are particularly sought after for private sector applications involving high and consistent levels of traffic. To discuss your needs or find out more about our range of products, get in touch with us today.

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