Road and Line Marking Removal

At Hi-Way Services, we’re not just experts in applying road markings – we’re pretty handy at road marking removal too. We offer a range of services to remove road markings no matter where they are, or what surfaces are involved. We can remove markings from public and private roads, car parks, playgrounds, tennis courts and more.

We tend to use one of three methods for road marking removal, depending on the nature of the project and the preference of the client. We’ll inform you of the options when discussing your project, and how each option is likely to affect the surface. These methods include:



Our most specialised and effective method for removing road markings, hydroblasting is exactly what it sounds like. Using a combination of two specially-built vehicles, water is blasted at the surface using a rotating 200mm head. A combination of extremely high-pressure water jets and powerful suction removes the road markings cleanly, with minimal damage or scarring to the surface.

This method is ideal for instances where the integrity of the surface is paramount, and where markings need to be replaced quickly, particularly where the location is very time-sensitive. Hydroblasting ensures there is no trace of the original markings, avoiding any confusion about overlapping patterns.


Thermic lance

The most traditional method of marking removal, thermic lance marking removal is somewhat limited compared to modern methods, but remains popular due to its efficiency. Because it requires high temperatures, thermic lance removal is only suitable for bitumen surfaces.

Specialist equipment produces a blast of extremely hot compressed air (HCA), vaporising the markings. Often referred to as ‘burning off’ the markings, thermic lance marking removal is not the cleanest method, but it is both effective and modestly priced, making it a common choice.



Scabbling is a unique form of marking removal only suitable for concrete or block paved surfaces. While also using a 200mm head, scabbling instead uses an array of small tungsten blades to literally scrape the markings off the surface.

Scabbling is considered a budget-efficient alternative to hydroblasting for surfaces where thermic lance removal cannot be used. However, it does tend to cause some damage to the surface, making it inappropriate for certain situations.


At Hi-Way Services, we’re happy to discuss projects of all shapes and sizes, and guide you towards the most appropriate road marking removal format for your needs. View our case studies to see our past projects, or contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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