Thermoplastic Road and Line Markings

Thermoplastic road markings are the nation’s most popular marking product, and for good reason. With a wide variety of uses and applications, thermoplastic markings offer enormous flexibility and utility. From centre lines to bus lanes to hopscotch squares, there’s little you can’t achieve with a batch of thermoplastic.

At Hi-Way Services, we’ve applied more thermoplastic to the country’s roads, car parks and other areas than any other material. We’ve been working in the field for more than 30 years, and pride ourselves on the quality, consistency and efficiency of our work.

Hi-Way Services Ltd are accredited to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 – in accordance with the National Highways Sector Scheme 7- and all our machine crew operatives hold NVQ Qualifications in mobile markings, with several years’ experience each in the application of thermoplastic road markings.

Thermoplastic road markings are ideal for almost any application, although you’re most likely to encounter them on long stretches of road. Frequent uses include motorway rib lines, centre and edge lines, as well as road symbols and signage, including arrows and double-yellow lines.


Thermoplastic road markings can be:

  • Machine applied for high volumes
    • Sprayed as overcoats, to brighten up existing lines
    • Rib lines for motorways
    • Extruded
  • Screeded for small or inconsistent areas, such as double-yellows
  • Pre-formed, where letters, symbols etc are pre-made and heat-adhered to a surface


Perhaps the greatest advantage of thermoplastic road markings is the speed at which they can be applied. Using special machinery, extruded lines such as those found on A-roads can be applied at a rate of 10,000-17,000m per night. Sprayed overcoats meanwhile are applied more thinly, and are therefore even quicker, extending up to 20,000m a night.

Our expert operators can also quickly apply screeded and pre-formed lines, using either a pedestrian applicator (pram) or hand-screed moulds to apply fresh thermoplastic, or by using heat to fuse the pre-formed markings to the surface. Hi-Way Services are innovators in the area of hand screeding, and are actively developing new methods to speed this process up even further.

Thermoplastic road markings are perhaps the most flexible form of road marking available, and so every project offers different challenges, from scale to terrain to aesthetics. Our road marking experts will work closely with your business or organisation to determine your unique needs, and come up with a solution that’s built to spec.


At Hi-Way Services we have vast experience with thermoplastic road markings, and have been lucky enough to work on numerous major projects across the country. Read through our case studies for some examples of our work, or contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.

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